Why go with Reign?

1. Exceptional Servive

Great service comes naturally to us because we love what we do! We use proven ideas and systems and are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve our service.

2. We Strive for Higher Rental Yields

We will always aim to increase the return on your investment through higher rental income based on current market conditions. We review this very often to ensure we are negotiating the return you deserve.

3. We search for High Quality Tenants

Every tenant’s rental history is checked against two national tenancy databases to ensure they are of decent nature. We will also call up multiple references to gauge the tenant’s previous rental history. Once we have screened all applicants we will then contact you with a number of options and a final recommendation.

4. Effective Property Marketing Strategies

We market your vacant property on effective platforms to ensure full exposure of your property to a competitive market. Our vacancy periods are strikingly low, despite difficulties in the current landscape.

5. Knowledgeable and Passionate Staff

Our property managers are fully trained in industry innovations, up-to-date with legislative changes and are expert’s with movements in the rental market. We ensure effective and consistent communication is maintained with landlords to ensure they are kept informed of relevant issues or opportunities in the market.

New developments

Our team is excited to take on new developments and have a proven track record locking in long-term, reliable tenants quickly. We market new developments using our various media channels and through our extensive network. Reign is fast, methodical and thorough.

Featured success project: Chambers

The Chambers development was a succesful new housing launch wherein our team secured tenants in a competitive length of time during a relatively slow market. The chambers properties were marketed for their style, location, and uniqueness. The positioning was effective and the leases were signed.

If you have a new development and are looking for a pain-free marketing process to secure tenants, inquire now using the form on this page.