Reign Web Services
Need a modern, clean, API to access realty data in the lower mainland? You can finally stop your goose chase looking for data. ReignDB's API is lightning fast, intuitive, maintained daily, in a modern database. Skip the extremely high-cost and extensive amount of headache-inducing work of syncing with an older-architecture RETS server. This PSQL-parked API will make your life VERY easy. This is something that is not offered by our competitors because they are afraid of being outclassed by other web developers. At Reign, we welcome collaboration, and would love to help your developers and designers accomplish your online goals.
$89 set-up
Need a personal website that has Lower Mainland listings presented in a modern web-app with lead tracking, a simple to use blogging engine, intuitive SEO, CRM/pipeline, and customizable components? Look no further. What is unique to ReignIDX is that you will become a stakeholder in the community of other members. Your website will receive quarterly updates to remain modern, recent, and complete. Our competitors will set you up once, but we at Reign's Web Services, we keep the updates coming. Never fall behind with your technology and web-presence when you sign up for ReignIDX.
$150 set-up
Need a website? Read this first

Reign has recongized the cruciality of taking the right steps to capitalize on your online presence, as a property consultant. Reign recognizes that your online presence needs to scale and it needs to be helpful!! That is to say, most websites are obsolete and merely present information of the realtor in an attempt to sell themselves to the client/viewer. At Reign, we firmly believe that websites should help clients achieve their long-term housing goals. We believe content-driven, community-oriented websites are the most effective in representing you as a consultant. This is key. If this is a confusing space for you, and if you don't understand it all right now, we are here to help. Get in touch with us:


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