Buying a house? Read this first.
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There is no doubt that there is immense value in finding a realtor that is good at their job. Having an inexperienced and untrained realtor can leads to true disasters. This article, however, is here to remind you that not only should your realtor be good at buying or selling houses, it is just as valuable that they are honest.

Buyers want three things:

According to the CMHC's survey in 2018, Canadian Home Buyer's want three things:

  1. A great deal
  2. Solid advice, and
  3. A quick and convenient transaction

If you remove honesty from this equation, a realtor is unable to provide for you options 1 and 2.

A great deal is important to the buyer. Many times, dishonest agents will use their authority and experience to convince a buyer that a property is a good deal, when really, the research says otherwise. They say this so they can hurry on with the deal and cash out on their comission more efficiently. With an honest realtor, you will be told the truth about the market. You will receive expert, honest, client-beneficial advice about the cyclicality of finding a good deal, the timing of your purchase, and the history of each property.

Solid advice needs to be genuine. A dishonest realtor will cherry pick which advice to give you, or even give you advice that is inherrently wrong--just to close the sale. The last thing you want is to be advised to do something that puts you and your finances in a dangerous place. Real estate agents have a immense amount of power with the advice they provide. Their authority is meant to be trusted.

Honest realty is the most valuable type of realty. It escapes greed. This duty is engraved into Reign: The buyer comes first. Absolutely no exceptions. Connect with the Reign Realty agent that suits your needs best to be represented by an honest realtor.