Meet the Team:
Andi Pham
I am Andi Pham

For as long as I have practiced real estate, I have championed this simple motto as my guiding light: make it happen. For myself, my family, my clients.

The motto reflects my desire to be a professional who does things differently, and I am grateful to have a story that celebrates a track record for results. My passion for this industry ignited over a decade ago, when my experiences as a buyer and seller led me to pursue a career as a licensed agent. I was dissatisfied with low service bars I encountered in my own property transactions and craved a more excellent, tailor-made approach to real estate. Today I am proud to have built a strictly referral-based business with twelve years of successful agent experience driving me forward.

When it comes to my personal resume, I have always been niche and nimble in my work, specializing in a handful of special services—like land development and project marketing—that keep me sharp in the many facets of this business. My skill set centers around intimate market knowledge and a commitment to treating each client with the utmost respect. I am known for my technical savvy, from demystifying legal hurdles to ensuring accurate paperwork, but ultimately the hallmark of my service is an ability to form winning relationships. No matter how large or small the transaction, I honor the challenges, conversations and stories that define the journeys of each client in my care.

In 2019 I have expanded my vision further by founding REIGN Realty, a boutique-style brokerage with big ideas. REIGN was born out of my vision to reimagine the traditional brokerage model by leading the way in innovation and education. My team and I are always on the cusp of something new, harnessing technology and systems so agents can serve clients wholeheartedly, and our learning resources are custom, allowing agents to grow “outside of the box.” The transformative power of collaboration allows us to simplify processes while inspiring others to be their best selves. 

Whether I am serving my own clients, or helping other agents succeed through REIGN, my personal values set me apart wherever my work takes me. I believe in working hard and being kind to people. Bringing my whole self to the table. Leading with uncommon optimism and creativity. Empowering others to achieve the lifestyles and ownership they crave.

Because at the end of the day, a real estate experience shouldn't be measured in the days from contract to close or the steps to the finish line. A real estate experience should be the measure of the people who made it happen, and the honesty, empathy, and ingenuity they showed along the way.

I am here to support and encourage you to achieve your goals, your way, and hope this is just the beginning of our friendship. You are in the right place. I hope to connect with you soon!